Ladies and gentlemen, we are back.

Physical copies of Be. are available HERE once more! xx Koffi



Due to preparing for graduation, taking final exams, and other time-consuming activities, revisions on the novel have not been going as swiftly as planned. However, due to popular demand, I will be re-releasing the first edition of Be. (mistakes and all) to the original retailers that it was on before (i.e. Amazon, Kindle, CreateSpace etc.). The second edition should be up relatively soon, though, but until then, enjoy the first one once more! Happy Friday! xx Koffi

PS: I graduate from high school today! I’m so excited! 

Promiscuous Pondering

(This post is promiscuous in the sense that it is haphazard and out of the blue)

I’ve been watching a television program called Political Animals (starring the fantastic Sigourney Weaver) and it’s a relatively entertaining show. But I keep seeing scenes that make me think, I wish I wrote that, or that would make an amazing chapter in a book. This phenomenon happens to me often, but this specific time it made me start to think and I came upon a great realization. TV and movies already have a relatively bad reputation for being unhealthy and even bad for you, but I think the opposite. Sure, there could be some research proving that eyesight is illy affected by screens or that eardrums can be damaged by the volume level of cinema speakers, but there are also great positives to these mediums of entertainment. And in my opinion, imagination stimulation qualifies as the number one reason as to why the cinema and television are positives. After all, if something can get your mind stirring and your hands itching to type or write, that’s something that you should keep. It’s the actual execution of putting that imagination onto paper that’s hard. Maybe I’ll get to it after just one more episode…

Please Read

Hello everyone! I hope the day has treated you well. (I spent mine taking the SAT and then hanging out with a friend… so it was bittersweet.) I would just like to mention that I have taken Be. down from all stores, but only temporarily! I have found quite a few errors in formatting as well as punctuation and little things that demand attention and revision. A second edition of the book will be released soon with all of these problems resolved. If you have any questions or concerns or desire an updated copy, contact me for details on how to obtain a digital copy free of charge or a physical copy for $3 (seeing as you have initially purchased the book in some format). I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience. This aside, I hope the rest of your day or afternoon or evening is splendid. Carry on! xx

The Wait is Over

Hello everyone! I hope all is well this fine Monday afternoon. I just wanted to drop by and let everyone know that my book, Be. , is finally available on Amazon for $9.99! (The Kindle edition should be up within the hour, so just search “Koffi Descôteaux” and it should pop up). I am so excited to be able to share this work with you all instead of letting it sit on my hard drive and collect dust. So, anyways, enjoy the book and don’t hesitate to critique away!

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Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I am currently in the process of writing a sequel to the relatively short, 180-page novel Be. . It will be all about the events that occurred during our main character’s escapade and the consequences. I can’t give any details to when it will be completed or when it will even be available to the public, but I just wanted to inform you all that there is in fact a sequel in the making.